Conditions We Treat

Center for Pain and Rehab Medicine

The following conditions are addressed, treated and/or diagnosed in these areas.

Pain  Management,  Rehabilitation and Occupational Medicine:

* Musculoskeletal/Sports and Orthopedic Injuries

* Back and Neck pain from most causes

* Joint Pain (eg. Hip, Knee, Shoulder, and ankle)

* Injuries related to Workers Compensation/Occupational

* Injuries related to Automobile Accidents

* Some Functional Disabilities

* Arthritis (rheumatoid, degenerative, others)

* Strokes/Neuromuscular Disorders

* Spinal Cord Injuries

* Pain (multiple causes)

* Tendonitis

* Fibromyalgia

Center for Pain and Rehab Medicine

EMG & Nerve Conduction Studies (Testing)

* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

* Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (a foot pain syndrome)

* Cervical and Lumbar Radiculopathy

* Polyneuropathy (including diabetic, other metabolic causes)

* Neuropathy (any nerve)

* Spasticity

* Myopathies

* Numbness, Tingling, Pain or Weakness in any part of the body

Center for Pain and Rehab Medicine