Wellness & Nutritional Supplements


We are very excited about providing and promoting wellness as an integral part of our practice.

As a medical doctor, one of my goals is to help you obtain your optimum health. This can be accomplished with a commitment to prevention and wellness. In this spirit, I have focused on keeping up-to-date on the latest advances in early detection, promoting regular check-ups and physicals, and educating my patients on the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Through the progression of technology and research we have made huge advances in understanding, treating and preventing many diseases and illnesses.

One of the most remarkable areas of advancement is in understanding the correlation between nutritional supplementation and disease prevention. As a healthcare provider, I have been exposed to this research. There is overwhelming data as to the benefits of Herbs, Vitamins, Antioxidants, and Minerals. There are numerous studies from Harvard, The Journal of American Medicine and The New England Medical Journal about their tremendous benefit and role in prevention. However, because of the lack of regulation, product mislabeling, and poor quality control in the Nutritional Supplement Industry, I have not recommended or promoted a particular brand of Nutritional Supplements to my patients.

 All formulations are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards (over the counter – OTC). This means rigorous quality assurance tests to ensure potency, safety, and consistency. These products were designed for maximum absorption and bioavailability. I have personally researched these products for my patients, staff and personal use. .

D. Terrence Foster, M.D., M.A., FAAPMR, DABPM
Medical Director

These products cannot be obtained in any retail outlets!

If you would like to explore the benefits of these products for yourself or the health community you serve please call our office at 678-284-4000.

We urge you to exercise caution and consult your health-care professionals if you choose to use nutritional supplements.