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Exceptional Pain Management Services


Non-Surgical Pain Management Therapy

When the pain becomes too much to handle, you can lean on licensed, certified and insured Center for Pain and Rehab Medicine to give you the relief you need. Find the solution for your acute and chronic pain with our nonsurgical approach to pain management. 


At CPARM we use our experience to perform a detailed evaluation and assessment of your unique situation. In addition, we use specific treatment methods to relieve your pain. We are guided by our mission to provide patient focused care. 


Our goal is to make a real difference for you, to treat the cause of your pain and to become a resource for your good health. Our office is easily accessible and our staff is skillful, friendly and caring. Call (678) 284-4000 to set up a quick initial consultation.


Treatment Methods That Are Used

  • Epidural steroid Injections 

  • Nerve blocks 

  • IDD therapy

  • Electrical stimulation

  • Manual mobilization

  • TENS

  • Home exercise program and self-management program

Conditions Requiring Pain Management Intervention

  • Back and neck pain

  • Shoulder and arm pain

  • Leg, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain

  • Postsurgical rehabilitation

  • Sports injuries



"CPARM is an excellent rehab center. They take care of all my aches and pains. Anyone needing a medical facility that will treat them with the utmost professionalism, CPARM is the place to go.

"So, when I'm not in New York to see my doctor, I see Dr. Foster because he's at the top of his profession ... and he's a New Yorker!!!"


- Paul Johnson, Facebook review

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